Living Wills


The Walker Tax Advantage

It is our belief that in a time where the typical age of society is rising, people are living longer, the drain on our social services is going UP, therefore, taxes are inevitably going UP during our lifetimes. We at Walker Estate Planning plan ahead for our clients. We monitor the estate tax law and the income tax law and look for ways to negate the law's impact on our clients. We constantly look for ways to add value to our clients. As such, we insert estate tax planning provisions in all Wills.  

We believe in planning for all contingencies and we want to ensure that the MAXIMUM amount of your assets pass in legacy to your children and heirs so that they have the financial security to achieve their life’s goals and dreams.  

The Comprehensive Walker Estate Planning Will We go above and beyond the typical Will.  In each of our Walker Estate Planning packages at a minimum we offer a comprehensive 4 document plan that includes (1) a tax planning Will, (2) a Durable Power of Attorney, (3) an Advance Directive for Health Care, and (4) an Executive Summary outlining your wishes.
OUR PLAN: The Plan includes 4 documents:

(1)  Will - A Will is a legal document that lets you state how you wish your estate to be handled when you die. You can also name your beneficiaries and what you would like each one to receive. If you don't have a Will and you pass away, a Georgia probate court will decide what to do with your property and you won't be able to make special provisions or gifts. According to Georgia's intestate laws, the decedent's surviving spouse and children, even minor children, would share the estate.  

Our estate planning attorneys handle all legal matters pertaining to Wills, including the following:

  • Drafting Wills
  • Will revisions (Codicils)
  • Appointing a Personal Representative (Executor)
  • Beginning the probate process
  • Contesting Wills 

It is important that your Will is properly structured. We are experienced at tax law and we are knowledgeable with estate planning.  We know how to design estate plans that minimize estate tax liabilities and allow for your assets to be easily transferred to your designated beneficiaries.

(2)  Durable Power of Attorney - A power of attorney is a legal document that appoints someone to have certain powers that you have given them. By giving someone your power of attorney, you are allowing him, her, or the entity that you have appointed to act for you in certain kinds of situations. A Durable Power of Attorney is one that will either take effect or continue to take effect should you become incapacitated.

(3)  Advance Directive for Health Care - Also known as a Living Will, a health care directive allows you to state the medical care that you would like to have or wish to refuse in the event that you become incapacitated. If you have appointed a power of attorney for health care, he or she will be responsible for ensuring that your wishes in your health care directive are followed. Doctors and other medical providers are required by law to follow your wishes.

(4)  Executive Summary – We provide a succinct executive summary of your personally tailored plan so that you have an easy reference point and road map of your plan. We offer such executive summaries in all languages. The Executive Summary is the first insert in your Walker Estate Planning Binder for easy understanding and reference to the legal documents of your comprehensive estate plan.