International Clients

Global Citizens

While estate planning and probate matters may be local the business world is global. Walker Estate Planning prides itself on fostering truly globalized thinking, encouraging and assisting foreign citizens, international businesses, and permanent residents to plan for the future for themselves and their families while they make their homes in Georgia.  As global citizens ourselves, Walker Estate planning instills a culture that protects and provides long term solutions for international families and their succession planning needs. 


We specialize in helping clients that have arrived from overseas assimilate to the local legal environment. We explain the local legal rules regarding the guardianship of children, the administration of estates, probate proceedings, the use of trusts, and most importantly how to avoid lengthy probate proceedings. 

We construct bespoke estate plans that are well tailored to the particular needs of the family, keeping in mind the roles of key players in the estate plan, the distribution of assets, and the location of key assets. We are able to provide peace of mind for clients that are in a new legal environment that care deeply about their children and their assets and want a plan that will protect their families. 

We assist with aligning foreign held assets with the US based assets so that we can assemble a cohesive estate plan for the family. We help select key family members from overseas who can assist in a time of crisis or loss. As a concierge practice, we partner with translation services to facilitate communication. We partner with global law trusts and estate law firms to ensure that we have coverage in all jurisdictions worldwide. 

We partner with local chambers of commerce to collaborate on estate planning education. We regularly speak at many events for chambers and groups of expats, including the Atlanta Canadians, the German American Chamber of Commerce, the British American Chamber of Commerce, and the French American Chamber of Commerce, the International Business Exchange (as part of the World Congress Center), the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. We have friendships with the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, and a wide variety of Consulates based in Atlanta. 

Our clients come from all over the globe: Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, among many others.