Estate administration

Legal Expertise Every Step of the Way

Our experienced attorneys and paralegals offer full concierge service to assist Personal Representatives (Executors) with all matters involved with settling an estate.   We are always available to assist with the myriad of issues that arise with the passing of a loved one.  

Areas of Expertise



When a loved one passes away and probate is necessary, we assist the family with selecting and assisting the legal representative of the estate.  

If the family member has died without a will, i.e. he/she has died intestate, we secure the appointment of the Administrator, that is, the legal representative of the estate.  We assist with applying for Temporary Letters of Administrator if expediency is required. We assist with applying for Letters of Administration for more typical engagements. We help families with the appropriate selection of the person that would act best in this role. We advise families and heirs to agree on the legally appointed person. When there are disagreements, we can help the family work through these issues, so that the best interests of all parties are addressed. 

If the family member has died with a will, i.e. testate, we help the personal representative (sometimes called an Executor) navigate the complex court procedures/proceedings and other legal requirements to administer the estate.  We assist with applying for Letters of Testamentary, Notice to Creditors, marshalling of assets, asset searches, distributions, equalization of estates, and general counsel to the Personal Representative (i.e. Executor). 

Guardianships and Conservatorships

In the wake of unforeseen tragedy, we can assist with the appointment of guardians for minor children and the creation of conservatorships for inherited assets for minor children. 

Real Estate


Often times the family home cannot be sold after a death until the title is cleared because of the change in ownership of the real property as directed by the Official Code of Georgia. We can work with the court appointed guardian ad litem for property to approve  the sale of a minor’s interest, and we can assist in the process of creating a conservatorship in which the parent administers the children’s proceeds. We can assist in mitigating the frustrations of the probate proceedings that can hold up the sale of the real property by streamlining this process through the court system.

Estate Administration

We specialize in administrating the estate from the date of death until the closing of the estate. We run a highly responsive, concierge style of engagement, where we are available to the Personal Representative and family members 24/7 and we guarantee a one day response time to all queries. In short, we are there for your family throughout the time of crisis. 

Trust Administration

We specialize in the administration of Trusts after the death of the Grantor/Initial Trustee. Once the Grantor of the Revocable Trust passes away, the Revocable Trust becomes Irrevocable. We assist the successor Trustee with administering the Trust(s), with such tasks as compliance, payment of debts owed, payments of gifts, and distributions to heirs. 

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Our attorneys and paralegals will respond to you in your time of crisis. We pride ourselves on being the true family attorney.