About Our Firm

What separates Walker Estate Planning from other firms is impeccable client service. 

5 ways we deliver exceptional concierge client service is (1) Availability, (2) Affordability, (3) Flexibility, (4) Bespoke Estate Plans, and (5) Global Thinking:

Availability:  A significant feature of Walker Estate Planning is our availability to our clients. Our boutique setting allows us to focus solely on our clients without the bureaucracy of a larger firm. When a client needs to speak with an attorney at our firm, the client is more likely to get through to that attorney, and, that attorney can more readily implement a course of action that suits the client’s best interests. In other words, you want it, you got it – today.

Affordability:  Clients who choose wisely can receive top quality legal support for less. Walker Estate Planning provides superior value with its access to experienced trusts and estates attorneys. We are able to compete with the midsize and large firms by offering more detailed services at a lower price. Our overhead per firm member is much lower than that in the large firms. As a result, our billing rates are considerably less than those of members of large firms with comparable experience. We keep our costs low and share these cost savings with our clients.

Flexibility:  Simply put – we come to you! In the ever changing and evolving world of business, we strive to come to you and meet with you in person. We grasp the reality that time is of the essence and is a precious commodity in cultivating a business. Walker Estate Planning comes to you because each person or company, no matter what industry, possesses different attributes and personalities. To provide succinct and efficient legal counsel, our firm must grasp who you are, what are your wants and needs, the culture of your home and family, and the essence of your business. The way we see it - we are providing you the service so we come to you.

Bespoke Estate Plans:  Walker Estate Planning provides bespoke estate plans for our clients. Whether it is marriage, the arrival of your first baby, a retirement, or planning for elder care, we listen to your unique needs and custom tailor our plans accordingly. We strive to connect with our clients on a deeper level so that we can integrate each family’s morals, it’s culture, it’s prosperity into a cohesive estate plan. No two people are the same so no two estate plans should be the same. Our estate plans reflect the legacy of the individual and/or his or her business. 

Global Thinking:  While estate planning and probate matters may be local the business world is global. Walker Estate Planning prides itself on fostering truly globalized thinking, encouraging and assisting foreign citizens, international businesses, permanent residents to plan for the future for themselves and their families while they make their homes in Georgia.  As global citizens ourselves, Walker Estate planning instills a culture that protects and provides long term solutions for international families and their succession planning needs.